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SunStar House

Paul Shippee, Designer

This state-of-the-art, third generation passive solar home, with 2800 sq. ft. of living area, was designed and constructed by Colorado Sunworks, incorporating eight years of research in the field of solar energy. It is a work of art, designed to maximize the living space, while creating a natural sense of warmth and beauty. Mass Trombe walls and vertical rock storage provide 80% of the home's heating requirements by utilizing both active and passive solar technology. Reaching out to every room is the two-story greenhouse space, created for added living enjoyment, a means for food production, and a dependable source of heat. Indirect light floods into this home, illuminating the living space.

Special features include:

  • 610 sq. ft. of South-facing glass; air lock entry
  • computerized set-back thermostat
  • breadbox water heaters
  • air-tight siding
  • super-insulation with R25 walls and R39 ceilings
  • Velux operating skylights
  • sun-protective awnings;
  • time-released rock storage
  • mass Trombe wall
  • radiant forced air gas heating
  • convenient laundry chute
  • pantry
  • tiled greenhouse patio with perfect hot tub site
  • French doors opening into the greenhouse
  • exciting living space dimensions with sun nooks energizing otherwise lost space
  • Truly, a home with the flexibility for elaborate entertaining or simple family togetherness

First Floor

The central kitchen is a true solar hearth, which overlooks the sunspace/greenhouse. Fanning from the kitchen is a very large dining room to the East and a living room to the West, both ideally situated to incorporate the greenhouse for family entertaining.

Second Floor

Upstairs, three master-sized bedrooms have vaulted ceilings, reaching out to the Southern skies: Balconies have been provided for access into the sunspace from all bedrooms.

Winter Mode

Summer Mode

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