Solar / Moon Gate Home

Mark Clipsham, Architect

This project was originally designed as a Bed and Breakfast addition to an existing home; it works well as a stand-alone residence as well. A simple, clean plan allows for many different furniture layouts and life styles. The first floor is the social space with the second floor and loft serving more personal needs and for causal groups of people.
The large window just kind of stands out in the design; it is a day bed/window seat with a view on the world. It keeps you in touch with the outdoors in a big way. It is a place to sit or snooze in the sun; a place to read a book or have an intimate conversation; a place to observe the different aspects of the sun and moon and the changing seasons. What a view! And it makes for a dramatic appearance – no mistaking this house for the neighbors – if you have them. For Midwest locations it is thought that adjustable louvres would be a good addition to control fall sun/unwanted solar gain (they would look pretty cool too). In very cold climates it might make sense to have movable insulation for this window.

The loft is for extra sleeping space (for children’s overnights or family get togethers), an office, exercise, library, gallery, studio, storage etc. There is a very pronounced vertical axis in the center – a connection to the sky and lofty thoughts as well as a humbling effect of acknowledging that there are things much bigger than us. This home is about connections – people to people, ones understanding of self and people connecting to the world and beyond. Strong yet peaceful.

There is an optional lower level as well whose use is as varied as your imagination or as functional and utilitarian as a root cellar or storage and utilities.
This would make a great time share, primary or second residence or even an office.

First floor 706 SF; Second floor 706 SF; Loft 390 SF Net; Lower Level/Basement 706 SF

Floor Plans

Mark is offering 6 hours of consulting time with the basic cost of this plan, and this can be done before you receive the plans so that it is possible to have some custom alterations made. With this offer you can get custom plans for the price of ordinary stock plans! The system is versatile, flexible and often interchangeable between designs, so that you can mix and match; please review other plans offered for amenities and features you may want to include in your design. You can find Mark's other plans listed under his biography.

All designs depicted are the exclusive property of Architecture By Synthesis and are copyright protected.

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