Profiles of Architects and Designers Represented at DreamGreenHomes.com

Ferid Abbasher is a Sudanese-Serbian architect who obtained his qualification at the University of Khartoum, Sudan. He owns the architectural office of Ferid Abbasher and Associates. Since 1992 his office has been dedicated to reducing energy demands in housing, as a key factor in creating healthy, productive, and safe building environments. Economic measures such as occupant productivity and satisfaction, along with reduced repair, maintenance, and management costs are key factors. Nowadays, Ferid Abbasher and Associates have subsidiary offices in Europe and Africa, with “green” designers and professionals from several countries who contribute in knowledge, experience and goodwill. Their headquarters is currently located in the northern province of Vojvodina, Serbia and Montenegro. Ferid likes to spend a lot of time in nature, speaks English, French, Arabic, Dutch, Japanese, Serbian and Slovene, and has long experience in CAD and 3D modeling under the Linux operative system. Plans available include: Earth-sheltered Passive Home, Earth-sheltered Atrium, Earth-sheltered Active Home, Solar Hybrid Home.

Sven Erik Alstrom was raised in Kansas City and graduated from the University of Kansas in 1975. Mr. Alstrom is certified by the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB) and is a licensed architect in California, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, North Carolina, and New Mexico. After moving to Denver in 1981 to work on the Tabor Center project with Urban Design Group, Mr. Alstrom relocated to Aspen in 1988 and founded Alstrom Group P.C. in 1992. In September 1999 the business name was changed to ECOLOGICAL ARCHITECTURE to renew his emphasis on environmentally based design solutions. Current projects are in Kansas City, MO, Lawrence, KS, Topeka, KS,Wichita, KS, Crested Butte, CO, Colorado Springs, CO. Plans available include: Kansas Ranch House, Santa Fe I, Santa Fe III, Santa Fe IV, Great Plains, Great Plains II.

Paul Breaux, a physicist, engineer, and solar energy design consultant, is a frequent presenter at renewable energy conferences. He also periodically teaches solar design classes at the University of Texas. He consults mainly for people in the Texas region who are interested in passive and active solar house design, with an emphasis on cooling strategies. Chez Soleil is Paul's personal home, and he is kind enough to share his design and insights with others.


Mark Clipsham earned an architecture degree from Kansas Sate University in 1985 and has been designing and building ever since. Many of his latest designs use steel grain bins to create monolithic SIPs (structural insulated panels) that are incorporated into a variety of configurations that would be very expensive to build traditionally. This system is an answer to the problems he's had to deal with over years of building and rebuilding. Generally the bins are nested to create a hollow wall space which is then filled with insulation, providing structures that are self-supporting, self-framing, highly insulated, maintenance free, disaster resistant, recyclable, and economical. The same system can be used to make movable sound isolating interior partitions and exterior insulated, security panels, as well as go below grade for basements and frost foundations without transition. This system can be used for anything from a walk-in cooler to high-end resort hotels, but what we feature are residential applications. Mark believes that green design is part of good design and it is integrated into all of his projects; good design is an investment that will yield returns everyday. Architecture is mainly about people; the building is a manifestation of the relationship of all the people involved. Plans available include: Affordable Grain Bin Home, Grain Bin Cabin, Hidie Hole, Lake House, The Classic, Round/Elliptical House,Sized Just Right, Solar/Moon Gate Home, Tiny Starter Home, Tri-Arm, A Truly Affordable Duplex/House Plan,Tubehaus, Victorian Farmhouse,and Yin Yang.

Hi, my name is John Fordice.  Ever since I can remember, I've always loved making things.  As a kid I watched & took part as my folks built a series of places where we lived.   I've been around building in one form or another for most of my life.  I grew up in a beach town and as a teenager made surf boards.  When it was time to do the college thing, I  first studied building technology, followed by architecture, then finally fine arts and sculpture.  My working life has been in construction, architectural drafting, hand crafts design and production, and for the past almost 30 years professional architecture.  About 10 years ago I discovered cob and absolutely fell in love with the mud.  Cob is an amazing material which allows an unparalleled simplicity and freedom of design.  So here I am offering cob building designs to you.  Cob has so much to offer.  Hope you like the designs & maybe will build one.  Regards and COB ON!!! See Solar Oval One.

Dr. Owen Geiger, Ph.D. was the former Director of Builders Without Borders and member of the BWB Steering Committee. Dr. Geiger is Founder and Director of the Geiger Research Institute of Sustainable Building). He is an author, engineer and licensed contractor specializing in strawbale construction and other types of sustainable building. He co-authored the Builders Without Borders Straw-Bale Construction Guides and contributed to Building Without Borders: Sustainable Construction for the Global Village. Dr. Geiger has consulted on numerous international housing projects, worked closely with Habitat for Humanity for seven years and mentored housing officials with the United Nations Institute of Training and Research. He was also a correspondent for The Last Straw Journal. Dr. Geiger, with Kelly Hart, co-authored www.earthbagbuilding.com. His plans include Barn-style House, Beachcomber, Chalet, Chonburi, Cordwood House, Country House, Cozy Cottage, Craftsman House, Crow Design, Disaster Resistant Dome, Double Unit Ecoresort, Double Wide Farmhouse, Duplex, Earth Lodge, Earth Lodge with Domes, Earthbag Arc House, Earthbag Beach House, Earthbag/Geodesic Dome, Earthbag Office, Earth-bermed Natural House, Earthworm Studio, English Earthbag Cottage, Enviro Earthbag Dome, Enviro Earthbag Dome 2, Farm Guesthouse, Farmhouse, Forest House, Fourplex, Garage/Apartment, Green House, Hexagonal/Round House, Hobbit House, Insulated Earthbag Vault, Kabin, L-Shaped House, Lodge with Domes, Mediterranean House, Modern House, Modular Pods, Mountain Cottage, Native Spirit, Peace Dome, Rainwater Towers Apartments, Roundhouse/Dome Cluster, Roundhouse Studio, Shop with Office, Solar Cabin,Solar Dome, Solar Ranch House, Solar Santa Fe, Spiral Dome Magic, Spiral Earthbag House, Spiral 2 Earthbag House, Subterranean Survival Shelter, Summer Breeze, Sweet Spot, 10 meter Earthbag Roundhouse, Roundhouse with Chum Roof, Tinyville Earthbag Domes, Torus Design, Tower House, Triple Dome Survival Shelter, Triple Roundhouse Cluster, 2 Bedroom Roundhouse, 2 Roundhouses with Greenhouse, 1.5 Story Roundhouse, 2-Story Earthbag Roundhouse, 2-Story Roundhouse-Survival Shelter, Roundhouse with Yurt, U-Shaped House, Wilderness Cabin, Zero Energy One, Zero Energy Two, Zero Energy Four.

Kelly Hart is your host here at dreamgreenhomes.com, and also at www.greenhomebuilding.com . He has been involved with green building concepts for much of his life. Kelly spent many years as a professional remodeler, during which time he became acquainted with many of the pitfalls of conventional construction. He has also worked in various fields of communication media, including still photography, cinematography, animation (he has a patent for a process for making animated films), video production and now website development. One of the more recent video programs that he produced is A Sampler of Alternative Homes: Approaching Sustainable Architecture, which explores a whole range of building concepts that are earth friendly. Kelly is knowledgeable about both simple design concepts and more complex technological aspects of home building that enhance sustainable living. He has even designed and built a solar-electric car that he drives around his neighborhood. Kelly, and his wife Rosana, live in an earthbag/papercrete home that they built and chronicled in the video Building with Bags: How We Made Our Experimental Earthbag/Papercrete House.  Plans that Kelly has designed include: Carriage House, Baca Hybrid, Sacred Mountains , Weaving Studio.

Glen Hyman is a residential building designer certified by the AIBD, with over 30 years experience in design.  In 1986 he graduated from Platt college, based out of San Diego, CA with his degree in Drafting Technology.  His owen design company was founded in 1990 and has allowed Glen to help bring dream homes to fruition ever since.  Even as a child, he was fascinated with the design and flow of architecture.  Today, he still carries that same passion.  A true "travel bug", Glen loves exploring new places and incorporating unique details into his designs. With expansive knowledge in ICF construction, he's able to give peace of mind to customers and builders throughout the design and building process.  His arsenal also includes experience with alternative construction, ranging from sips panel, to straw bale and timber frame. Plans that Glen has designed include: Contemporary Craftsman and Contemporary Ranch

Angus W. Macdonald received his Masters degree from the Yale School of Architecture along with the AIA medal for Excellence in the Study of Architecture in 1967. Macdonald wrote a construction manual for owner-builders on earth tempered housing, about how to site, design, finance, and build energy independent passive solar earth berm dwellings. The book was published by the Mother Earth News in 1982. His residential design received NAHB awards for best of show in Fredericksburg, VA, in the under $150,000 and under $250,000 categories in 1990. In 1996, he filed a patent on the am-cor™ unified steel and cement constructional system composed of light gauge galvanized steel frame panels coated on site with a continuous ferrocement skin. Macdonald's practice is now in Warrenton, Virginia. He holds licenses in: VA, PA, VT, TX, MI, and Washington, DC. He practices general architecture, with emphasis on residential design. Plans that are featured here include: Earth Court, Earth Tempered Tiny House, Hilltop Court, Solareon Court

Dennis Nelson is a Designer in the Pacific Northwest involved in projects spread all over the US and other parts of our world. Some of his design specialties include timber frames, Structural Insulated Panels or (SIP's), and other ‘green methods' for building construction. Currently, Dennis is working to develop his home and private resort in a rain forest of Costa Rica . The resort structures will utilize ‘eco friendly' components in addition to other energy saving variables that will promote ‘pure living' and green building techniques while not interrupting ‘flora & fauna'. One of Dennis' strongest attributes in addition to his CAD capabilities, are his ability to convert plans, ideas, sketches, etc. into workable drawings for SIP manufacturing, fabrication, installation or construction. While providing rapid turn around for custom applications, Dennis has the ability to grasp alternative construction methods providing contractors & future custom home owners with the materials they need for a successful project. Plans available include: Costa Rica Bed & Breakfast, Cape Cod Island, Modern Santa Fe, Wilderness Retreat, MILA/Garage, Garage/Shop, Two Man Hut.

Walt Quade is a licensed, bonded contractor in the state of Oregon. He has worked full time in the construction industry in Oregon since 1992. In 2002 Walt designed and built Green Home Oregon, an earth-sheltered and earth-bermed passive solar home that has functioned very well for him and his family. He has also designed a small (350 sq.ft.) house that is factory built, and delivered on-site complete in the Pacific Northwest US. It is designed to be totally self-sufficient with off grid solar pv cells, cistern rain harvesting system, gray water disposal system, composting toilet, high R value insulation and all built with renewable/green materials. Another venture is the manufacturing of tear-drop trailers. He is available for consulting.

Michael Reynolds of Earthship Biotecture has been developing a self-sufficient building constructed with the use of recycled materials for the past 35 years. The result of this evolutionary process he calls Earthships. The Earthship heats and cools itself, produces its own power and water, treats its own sewage and is built using used automobile tires, cardboard and discarded cans and bottles. Michael has build most of these Earthship near his company headquarters in Taos, New Mexico, however he has traveled all over the world lecturing as well as building Earthships abroad. The floorplan linked here is for a Packaged Earthship, the type of Earthship that has proven to be the most popular, economical and easiest to build for owner/builders. Plans that Michael has designed include: Global Model Earthship.

Touson Saryon of Integral Design Studio found a passion for architecture during his youth in a small country town outside of Boston, MA. Through education at both Syracuse University School of Architecture and University of Massachussets Dept. of Landscape Architecture, he was able to develop a balanced design approach of both interior and exterior spaces.  Learning was extended in a private 2 year internship with an ecological architect in Northern Califorina where he gained extensive knowledge of sustainable design principles and materials. During 8 years living in Crestone, CO, Touson designed and built a passive solar family home and grew his design practice. A few homes have been recently featured in The New Strawbale Book and The Small Strawbale. Touson now resides in Mount Shasta, CA with his wife and 2 children and continues to design in both Colorado and California.  Plans that Touson has designed include: Bale Studio, Cozy Strawbale, Kozy Kasa, Strawbale Solar Abode, Casa del Sol, Casa del Sol 1900, Eco Nest 1200, Eco Farmhouse 1700, Strawbale Cottage, Eco Family 1400, Eco Family 1600, Eco Family 1900, Strawbale Retreat 900 , Strawbale Retreat 1100, Bale Cabin, Western View, Bale Courtyard, Solar Homestead, Northern Lights, Simply Green, Southwest Ranch, and Eco Ranch.

Jason Whitfield is a planner, ecologist and builder of ‘green’ houses and communities. He got his degrees in Environmental Studies and Urban and Regional Planning from the University of Waterloo. Currently, Jason is working to develop 300 acres of urban land just north of Calgary, Alberta. The subdivision and dwellings will emphasize passive solar design and will be built around a linear trail/park system. The prefabricated straw wall panels or SIPs can be modified to almost any floor plan and are shipped across Canada and the USA. Jason is currently building a show home in Didsbury, Alberta, the fourth structure to use the straw bale SIPs. Other projects have included installing an energy monitoring system in an ecovillage to record energy consumption and to provide control functions to optimize the shared energy systems (e.g. wood boiler).
Here is a link to one of his designs: Straw Bale SIP


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