Sculptural Monolithic Dome

Cindy Johnson, Designer

This Sculptural Monolithic Dome differs from other monolithic domes in that all monies invested go into structure, rather than also into airforms and related equipment. Because rebar, roadmesh and metal lathe make up the form for this dome, all piping, windows, doors, vents and sun-tunnels are wired in before the shotcrete; there are no cold joins on this structure. The dome is sculpted on a three foot footing wall raising the curve in the dome to 9', this not only makes the interior more open it increases the diameter of the second floor. You will have as much sq. footage upstairs in a 38' diameter sculptural dome as you would in a monolithic air-form dome of a 50' diameter. Having professionally engineered blueprints makes the permitting of the dome easier. Stronger, more spacious, low to no maintenance and incredibly energy efficient, this plan is easy to execute as an owner/builder. This home provides 1,850 sf of living space.

Floor Plan

The inside of the dome has been designed for living in the round. The only walls on the lower floor create the master bedroom and the bathroom. The bedroom is to the left of the entry door and is approximately 400 square feet with a walk-in closet. The bathroom is pentagon-shaped and sits in the middle of the dome with one door leading into it from the bedroom and another from the dining area. The bathroom is spacious and houses the washer and dryer, as well as sink, large bathtub and a toilet.

Sectional Plan

The upper floor of the dome has 750 square feet of living space that is lit with five suntunnel skylights.

Interior view

Cindy offers several bonuses along with the blueprints: 4 step by step slide shows of the various phases and a materials list for building the metal form. She also offers a free 1 hour consultation to answer questions. You can read more about the features of this dome and how it was built in this article about it.

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